Welcome to our Career Page!

Choosing to start with our team is making the right move. Chicago Real Estate is a fast paced environment and if you don’t get in soon you will loose the opportunity to really make some great money! You can be a decent agent and make some great money with the right formula. We are here to guide you through the process and make you a GREAT AGENT!

  • Know that you will be able to work for 60-90 days without seeing a paycheck
    • Things take time to happen, any good business will take at least 1 year to get running
  • Know your cost for getting started in Chicago Real Estate
    • There are fees that are associated with being a Broker: MLS, IDFPR, Training, Cards, Signs and more…
  • Know that this is a business and you are embarking on a new path
    • Be prepared for the time, effort and money you will put in to start your new business
    • You get what you put in, if you do not put the effort you will not get your reward

We want you to join our team, we want some great people to get out there and help us grow to the best in town. What we like to do is prepare people with the proper information prior to setting up an interview. Your time and ours is very valuable…

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