Luxury Highrises

The solution that makes life really “turn-key”…managed high-rises in Chicago. These are the properties that not only offer you the modern finishes you want in your home but amenities that are not available in your average condo. When you want the best we deliver it with our white gloves!  Luxury in Chicago includes:

  • Granite, Quartz, new material that is cooler like NASA Space counters that display the stars
  • Stainless Steel or better appliances…maybe some really cool fridges that match the cabinets
  • Hardwood style floors…not the real stuff(it scratches to easily) but, a cool new synthetic that is durable 
  • Swimming Pool and/or Hot Tub that will be great for a few months or the indoor kind for swimming laps
  • State of the Art Fitness center that can trump the local YMCA with Boxing Dummies, Fitness on-Demand and more..
  • Sundeck with views of the city or any other Chicago scenery that could appeal to the eye like Sunsets!
  • Laundry in Unit…um, of course!
  • Lock-out service <– Big one here when you get one of those units that the door locks behind you.
  • Big beautiful windows or Floor to Ceiling windows so all of Chicago can see you enjoying your space
  • 24 Hour Maintenance – for those times when you make a bad decision that could flood the property
  • 24 Hour Door Staff – to make you feel fancy and keep out those that are no longer welcome 
  • Balconies are a hit or miss deal here, for some reason some of the really great buildings don’t have them BUT, they still have those awesome sundecks with fireplaces, fire pits, and couches
  • Square Footage is a thing that Chicago factors into Luxury…Smaller is cooler. For Sure!
  • DOG SPA! Yes a Dog SPA is available (dog wash with fancy name) along with Dog runs, walks, and some that are indoor/outdoor with bar space for you to mingle

I am of course sure that you are wondering where I get my whit, blame my parents. This is just a sample of what we see when we tour the great properties around here…Let us know what we can do to present these great rentals to you with a collective smile of satisfaction.